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Friday, December 10, 2004

Today's Memo [12.10.04]

To the reality-challenged person who parked next to me at the Mall:

I caught on very quickly that you and I weren't going to be politically compatible, just judging by the number of bumper stickers you had plastered to your car's bumper, trunk and rear glass exalting every possible left-wing Democratic loser you could exalt. My first concern was for your safety—how in the world could you even see out the back?—but upon reading that one sticker bashing pro-lifers, any concerns I had for your well-being quickly vanished.

I'm sure you thought it was too clever by half—"Guns don't kill people, Radical pro-lifers kill people." But alas, surely even you can see the irony of that statement.

While admittedly there have been two, possibly three "radical pro-lifers" who have killed people over the years, abortion has led to the death and destruction of tens of millions of potential human beings since this barbaric practice was implemented by judicial fiat in 1973. This death toll, no doubt, has been bolstered by shallow thinkers like you who, with your auto-bound seals of approval and vocal support, have added legitimacy to scores of physicians that once swore to heal and protect life, not rip, tear and stab it from a woman's womb.

It's not that your bumper sticker message is sophomoric and insulting (it is, but so are other bumper stickers). It's that it conveys such a message of abject selfishness and arrogance it boggles the mind of anyone who is able to rub more than two brain cells together.

Yes, I know the pro-abortion mantra is based on selfishness and arrogance (a woman's right to choose...death) and all that. But that mantra is a false idol because it presumes that snuffing out an innocent life should be a guilt-free experience. Do you really believe that, and if so, what should we do with your killer if somebody snuffs you out someday? Percentage-wise, it's unlikely to be a "radical pro-lifer," but you never know.

The pro-abortion lobby also suggests baby-making should be a risk-free endeavor, and that less-than-perfect human beings don't deserve a chance at life and, therefore, should be snuffed out.

But when did those principles pass the smell test? Oh yes, now I remember. I believe it was 1930s Nazi Germany. For reference, see "Adolph Hitler."

I don't know what is more of a shame - the fact that someone would make a bumper sticker that would say what yours says, or the fact that someone would put one on their car and think, for the life of them, it's the most clever thing they could find to display.

I suppose you are upset that I hold you and your message of death in such low esteem. I suppose you think I'm some radical lunatic who, if given half the chance, would find you, stick a pair of scissors in your skull and suck out your brains. I suppose you think that then, I would throw your limp, lifeless body in some nearby trash recepticle, just in time to wash up and make my tee time.

I suppose you have a right to think all of these things.

Ah, but then again, that's life, isn't it my friend?

At least you can live with it. Millions you hate for no reason will never have the chance you've been given.

You selfish so-and-so.


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